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Dimitri BULAN ( Hypnotherapeute, praticien humaniste, praticien programmation neuro linguistique PNL) et ses activites artistiques... Photographies, peintures et ecrits .. at hypnobulan@gmail.com

23 Jan

Lemmy Tribute Words of Motorhead

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#Motorhead #MotorheadForLife #Lemmy

#Motorhead #MotorheadForLife #Lemmy

The bad magick game of the number 40

  • if we take the time to put all the words of Motorhead discography we can enjoy in a strange poetry that smell old number 7 and the speedfreak poetry

in 1975 they told us that we are On Parole 'cause we took too many Motörhead that give us the pleasure of Overkill Bomber . Later i found the Ace of Spades in a Iron Fist just like Another Perfect Day ... All we needed was an Orgasmatron on Rock 'n' Roll . 1916 was the birthday of the March ör Die Bastards , like a Sacrifice Overnight Sensation. But sex was so unclean and the Snake Bite Love drived as a state of mind where We Are Motörhead and Hammered. Living in Inferno and the Kiss of Death Motörizer me... Finely The Wörld is Yours only in an Aftershock because Bad Magic in 2015

Motorhead was our way of life, like On Parole whenVibrator on a Iron Horse teached us that we were Born to Lose in the City Kids where Fools areThe Watcher because they Lost Johnny

An Overkill makes you Stay Clean but (I Won't) Pay Your Price it was just like if I'll Be Your Sister under the Capricorn porn mark. there is No Class in a Damage Case. you can Tear Ya Down in Metropolis it will always stay Limb from Limb

Dead Men Tell No Tales to the Lawman , that is a Sweet Revenge for the Sharpshooter . There is no Poison that makeS you Stone Dead Forever even All the Aces Step Down and Talking Head like Bomber on the ring

Having the Ace of Spades have sens when youLove Me Like a Reptile . I will Shoot You in the Back cause Live to Win is Fast and Loose . But (We Are) The Road Crew and we Fire, Fire the Jailbait Dance. Try to Bite the Bullet and you will understand The Chase Is Better Than the Catch. When The Hammer is Back at the Funny Farm it will Shine and we will Dancing on Your Grave . Just Rock it like One Track Mind to Another Perfect Day .

Marching off to War , I Got Mine Tales of Glory . Die You Bastard ! Understand that Rock 'n' Roll is built to Eat the Rich cause they have a Blackheart Stone Deaf in the U.S.A.
Blessing The Wolf ! The Traitor is like Dogs , and they came All for You told the Boogeyman Deaf Forever ... I said Nothing Up My Sleeve , that Ain't My Crime but your Claw ... You ! Mean Machine are Built for Speed ready for Ridin' with the Driver with Doctor Rock in an Orgasmatron

i am The One to Sing the Blues cause I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care) . There is No Voices in the Sky , when you re Going to Brazil just Nightmare/The Dreamtime . Don't forget to Love Me Forever in the Angel City. That Make My Day – or i will R.A.M.O.N.E.S. you and Shut You Down until 1916

if enjoying watching the cat scratch fever is like a bad religion, you will see me like Jack the Ripper... I know that i ain't no nice guy
i am to goog to be the hellraiser with the asylum choir. it is True and if You Better Run never Name In Vain the speefreak
so ... March or Die
Stay On Your Feet or on Your Knees ...Burner is the way to Death or Glory . I Am the Sword i am Born to Raise Hell
Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me, Bad Woman ! he is the Liar Lost in the Ozone
come, I'm Your Man, We Bring the Shake to the Devils

your Sacrifice over Sex & Death will always be Over Your Shoulder. We do War for War in Order/Fade to Black in a Dog-Face Boy .
at the end All Gone to Hell and Make 'em Blind
Don't Waste Your Time In Another Time Out of the Sun
Be ready for Civil War... They said i am Crazy Like a Fox
if I Don't Believe a World , you will Eat the Gun
the Overnight Sensation is when Love Can't Buy You Money and stay Broken
Them Not Me ! the Murder Show Shake the World
you just have to Listen to Your Heart

if Love for Sale, the Dogs of War practice Snake Bite Love
enter the Assassin and Take the Blame
i will be Dead and Gone in a Night Side
so Don't Lie to Me and make Joy of Labour ... If i Desperate for You i am Better off Dead

See Me Burning in the Slow Dance when i Stay Out of Jail
don t worry God Save the Queen but Out to Lunch
Wake the Dead One More Fucking Time that will be Stagefright/Crash & Burn
(Wearing Your) Heart on Your Sleeve cause We Are Motörhead

if you Walk a Crooked Mile and Down the Line to theBrave New World . you will heard Voices from the War , they are Mine All Mine
so Shut Your Mouth and Kill the World with Dr. Love and No Remorse in a Red Raw dawn i am the Serial Killer

at the Terminal Show , the Killers In The Name Of Tragedy play Suicide over a Life's A Bitch hymn
Down On Me In The Black, we will Fight in the Year Of The Wolf
looking for the Keys To The Kingdom and Smiling Like A Killer in the Whorehouse Blues -

your Sucker and his One Night Stand life style like the Devil I Know ...
Trigger Under the Gun because God Was Never on Your Side
stop Living in the Past , slay Christine with my Sword of Glory – 3:57
Be My Baby in the Kingdom of the Worm – where we Going Down with

11. The Thousand Names of God
a Runaround Man Teach You How To Sing The Blues When The Eagles Screams
Rock Out in One Short Life or you will be Buried Alive like a English Rose
Back On The Chain to the Heroes, Time Is Right
ok i am Born To Lose and I Know How To Die , but i will always Get Back In Line with Devils In My Head in the name ofRock'n'Roll Music
i am Waiting For The Snake Brotherhood Of Man, this Outlaw I Know What You Need
Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

Heartbreaker is a Coup de Grace in the Lost Woman Blues
is it the End of Time for her, Do You Believe ?
She is a Death Machine with Dust and Glass ready for Going to Mexico
Silence When You Speak To Me or you willCrying Shame dirty Queen of the Damned
take my Knife and Keep Your Powder Dry . you will stay Paralyzed

the last words but not the least areVictory or Die in Thunder & Lightning and that Fire Storm Hotel
time to Shoot Out All of Your Lights , feed The Devil and enjoy Electricity to grow up Evil Eye
Teach Them How to Bleed Till the End
and Tell Me Who to Kill
if that can stop Choking on Your Screams
When the Sky Comes Looking for You it is time for Sympathy for the Devil


Dimitri Bulan motorhead banger since 1990


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